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Construction Begins on Bees Ferry Road Widening Project

Project will improve entire length of Bees Ferry Road from intersection with U.S. 17 to S.C. 61


Charleston County Government held a ceremony on Friday, Dec. 9 to break ground on the Bees Ferry Road Widening Project.


Speakers at the December 9 ceremony were:


The project, which is expected to be completed April 2014, will include improvements to the entire 4.5 mile length of Bees Ferry Road from Savannah Highway (U.S. 17) to Ashley River Road (S.C. 61). The project was requested by the City of Charleston and was funded by the Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax Program. Partial funding for the project was approved by voters in the second Transportation Sales Tax bond referendum.


The major improvements provided by the project are:

  • Widening Bees Ferry Road from two lanes to four lanes for the majority of the project with left and right turn lanes at intersections where warranted.

  • Widening Bees Ferry Road from four lanes to six lanes between Grand Oaks Boulevard and the future West Ashley Circle intersection to the north of Glenn McConnell Parkway.

  • Installing a 10-foot wide multi-use path for bicyclists and pedestrians on the west side of Bees Ferry Road, which that will tie into the multi-use path along Ashley River Road, and a five-foot wide sidewalk along the east side of the road.

  • Realigning the intersection of Bees Ferry Road and Savannah Highway to a 90-degree angle and installation of a new stoplight. The new intersection will be shifted east, in the direction of Main Road, about 1,500 feet from its present location.

  • Upgrading stoplights on Bees Ferry Road where it intersects with Ashley River Road, Glenn McConnell Parkway, West Ashley Circle, and Main Road/Hunt Club Run. The upgraded stoplights will consist of decorative poles with mast arms and include pedestrian “walk and stop” signals to improve crosswalk safety.

  • Constructing two left-turn lanes at the intersection of Bees Ferry Road and Ashley River Road for drivers traveling north on Ashley River Road toward Summerville.

  • Constructing a free-flow, right-turn lane at the intersection of Bees Ferry Road and Savannah Highway for drivers traveling south on Savannah Highway toward Savannah.

  • Constructing a landscaped median from Savannah Highway to Glenn McConnell Parkway and wherever possible with consideration for road access.

  • Improving roadway and offsite drainage that will include new drainage boxes, ditch clearing, curb and gutter, larger drainage pipes, and water quality structures that remove debris and pollutants from storm water runoff before it is released.

  • Protecting numerous grand oak trees within the limits of the project.

  • Replacing the existing bridge over the Church Creek Canal with a new longer, wider bridge complete with bicycle and pedestrian accommodations.

Quotes about the project:

  • Teddie E. Pryor, Sr. Charleston County Council Chairman: “We are excited to announce the start of this project because it was designed with extensive public input and will greatly improve the increased traffic along this busy road for citizens who are either traveling through or needing to access to their neighborhoods. Additionally, we are excited that it will improve transportation not only for drivers, but for bicyclists and pedestrians.”

  • Joseph P. Riley, Jr., City of Charleston Mayor: “The construction of the Bees Ferry Road widening project represents a significant improvement to the transportation infrastructure and overall mobility for the West Ashley area, including substantial amenities for pedestrians and cyclists, further enhancing connectivity for our neighborhoods and businesses.”

The public can get more information and see photos of the construction process online at Visit the official website at for public meeting notices and up-to-date news and information about all Charleston County Transportation Sales Tax road projects.


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